rMeter.com - Energy monitoring - solar results to the web

Energy monitoring - solar results to the web

"We provide real-time and near real-time energy monitoring and web visualization. "Its the knowledge you need to control your budget."

You can view the performance of any energy system remotely, from at home, in your office, or on the road."

rMeter™ was born in 2002 when we tried to implement a commercial energy monitoring product in the jungles of Bolivia, and discovered it did not work. We attempted to fix it, but the design was too poor to make a retrofit practical. But we needed an energy monitoring system and began a serious search for a tcp/ip based solution. After serveral false starts, we found robust hardware that performs extremely well.

Hardware is necessary, but the software needed to complete rMeter™ had to be developed from scratch. It was a large project, and like most large projects the design is evolving with time. rMeter Real Time is the most recent product, and it is ready to commercialize. It is a Windows application communicating with the hardware using AJAX techniques.

rMeter was developed using MS SQL Server, Visual Studio, the C# programming language, and the .NET Framework Version 2.0.

Featurepics.com: roylty-free photography


"FeaturePics.com is the place where you can show your photos for license to buyers, or browse the selected works of many talented photographers.
FeaturePics encourages interaction between community members and provides a place for you to show your public face."

Just imagine, bright people with artistic and technical skills get together to discuss a site they can build together? A site that has "time" value, that will be fun to work with? What will it be? You are right, of course, a good guess would be a photography site.

First sketches, discussions, failed trials - the site started to mature only when the Contributors joined the efforts.

We wanted from the beginning to give as much space as possible for the Photographers, not for the site itself. Alexey's suggestions - "Only images, nothing else" - was a little bit too straightforward. Programmers asked for a little bit of space, at least, for navigation.

"The whole idea of shooting Stock, is to make money, nothing more, nothing less..." It was the point we wanted to disprove. Photography, whether it is stock or not stock, is still photography (ART). The point is to tell a story, raise emotional reactions, and inspire meaningful and sometimes rational thought (or at least an attempt at it).

So, let's take this typical "stock photo". Should this term be associated with a nickel per image, a dime??
No, Stock should be aligned with the ability to find the right photograph. Please don't misunderstand us, we think that the "$1" stock photo industry is a great business idea, but FeaturePics (tm) is not going to go in this direction. We are focused on diversity. We started this site for the community of people who love photography. That wonderful group of people who take their art seriously, and care more about the image, than the profit derived from it. Those who believe in making the images meaningful, and give others who don't know how to push the shutter button, a chance to get involved. Profit is wonderful and necessary, but we feel that the art should be the focus.

Are we unique? We don't think so. We believe that there are people out there who appreciate diversity and quality as well, and are willing to pay a little extra for it if asked. So our primary mission was to build a "home" for quality photographers, hence "FeaturePics.com".

Being a start-up, means we have to work harder to insure Artists that we are in this for them. We have to provide them with a safe and comfortable place to store and display their wares. Do we have a business reason for doing this? Of course, our time is short, and we are developing our first venue to focus our potential customers attention on the value of good photography.

Generally, we are advocates of an active market behavior, not a passive one. We believe that our site should constantly change, with new and better ways to entertain and excite both our Artists and our Customers. We believe that every good Artist should have their day in the sun and be exposed to the world as best as we can help to do it. Change is critical, for as a long lost lover of Russians once observed, "sameness is next to boredom, and soon forgotten".

In summary, and back to diversity, we want to thank our Artists for taking a chance on this new venture. We feel that we are in a partnership for the good of all involved here, always striving for the perfect image, and toward the perfect stock photo site.

Now, a little "Who's Who" of the FeaturePics Crew:
***Alexey - This guy provided Design of this site. His philosophy has helped this site to become what it is.
***Oksana - She knows things about the sites out there that no one else does. She knows different Photographer's styles, and can usually spot a particular Author's images. She keeps track of all uploads, emails, transactions, and all of the detail work necessary for the daily maintenance of a high energy system such as this is.
***Kal - He's the Techie who keeps our hardware and servers up, running, and safe; handles all updates, hardware/software problems, and keeps the oil can full.
***Greg - Great supporter, english editor, manager, and promoter.
***Elena - responsible for the code architecture and production ("One day I want to take a picture that can be accepted by FeaturePics") .

FeaturePics.com was built entirely with Microsoft technology, including Visual Studio, C#, Sql Server, and Windows Server 2003.